Logtera Maple


LogTera MAPLE enables rapid deployment of gamified education content on mobile devices.


LogTera MAPLE (Mobile Adaptive Platform for Learning and Education) is the next generation software framework enabling rapid deployment of interactive educational content on mobile device applications. LogTera has been developing and building upon this framework over the past year and has released over ten applications built on this platform for iOS devices. Applications developed using MAPLE have been downloaded and are in use by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide. Further development is ongoing to support other devices on MAPLE.

MAPLE has the unique capability to integrate traditional education content with speech, graphics, and video animations to make it interactive and engaging for the users. Story theme, classroom and gamification elements can also be added in the platform. LogTera is working on adding proprietary and partner content to create new applications. MAPLE Cloud is the classroom management solution also under development. For questions please contact support@logtera.com

MAPLE has extensive interactive templates for broad question categories and storyboards enabling content customization and rapid deployment.

Question Categories UI Types
Multiple Choice
Multiple Selection
Drag and Drop
Numerical Patterns
Numeric Entry
Mixed Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Graph Coordinates
Multiple Numeric Entry
Single Operand
Dual Operands
Counting Objects
True or False